Barrel Covers

Carroll Original Wear Barrel Covers

Hand painting 55-gallon drums for barrel races is costly and can be a challenge finding quality painters. Custom Barrel Covers can be the solution.

Add sponsor logos along with an association or event logo to keep costs down while promoting your organization and its sponsors.

Barrel covers are made of polyester poplin sublimated with your design. Barrel Covers fit standard metal barrels that are in reasonably good shape. Barrel covers fit a “standard” metal 55-gallon barrel. The actual sizes of the barrel covers are 34 ½" Tall, 23" in Diameter with a circumference of 72 ¼". Plastic barrels are typically different in size than standard metal barrels and barrel covers will not fit those different dimensions. 

Give us a call at (828) 264-2521 to learn more!

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